Frequently asked questions about KB Lodge

The KB Lodge, a mixed-use project, is a reflection of the Kings Beach Vision Plan and is consistent with the Tahoe Basin Area Plan. It is appropriately located in the center of the Kings Beach Commercial Core. The project intends to revitalize the commercial core while remaining scale appropriate to the eclectic character. The proposed project offers a mixed-use retreat that includes retail, restaurant and bar, common gathering areas, efficient covered & shared parking, 22 hotel rooms, and 9 condo-tel suites.

  1. The infill project will remove the existing time-worn structures that do not meet current energy and building codes. The project will complement the downtown sidewalks and infrastructure that was installed as part of the KBCCIP.
  2. The project will create new hotel rooms in the Commercial Core of Kings Beach
  3. The project will create approximately 12,500 SF (indoor and outdoor) of much needed modern dining, retail, and entertainment space.
  4. There are outdoor gathering spaces, public, art, and landscaping.
  5. The project will increase property tax revenue, Tourism Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenue, and sales tax.
  6. There will be opportunity for small business start ups
  7. The project will comply with Placer County’s 2021-2029 HOUSING ELEMENT program.

Yes absolutely, when an owner is not using their suite they can offer them to the hotel for rental. The nine units will only be under the management of the hotel and it provides the desired house type lodging within the Commercial Core instead of lodging in neighborhoods.

The Kings Beach Vision plan and Area Plan calls on new buildings to protect lake and ridgeline views through thoughtful site design and appropriate building height. The project has been designed to retain and improve the current lakeview and will not impact the mountain view. The project enhances and protects the view corridor from the scenic highway.

The KB Lodge is compliant with height restrictions as outlined in the TRPA Code of Ordinances and the Tahoe Basin Area Plan. The building has been designed with articulation and varying heights. A portion of the building is 4 stories (56 ft max height along Raccoon St.) and the portion parallel to SR 28 is 3 stories (48 ft max. height). The building is 2 stories (40 ft max. height) adjacent to the residential area in the southeast corner. 

We are implementing a parking management strategy that encourages walking, biking, and public transportation as well as incorporating shared parking. Located at the end of the proposed beach boardwalk, the future pier and destination hub, the project will provide approximately 45 project-specific parking spaces that will be located at ground level below the project.

The one current retail business located on the project site will be offered retail space within the final project.

Street with people walking and shoppingThe project utilizes design standards for mixed-use districts that build on the existing recreation theme with high-quality storefronts designed to attract visitors, and meet the needs of local residents.

In the Tahoe Basin Area Plan, the project area is defined as mixed-use. Mixed-use areas are core community areas that have been designated to provide a mix of commercial, public services, light industrial, office, and residential uses. The purpose of this classification is to locate higher intensity land uses for public convenience, commerce, and enhanced sustainability at the areas where people naturally congregate.

The hotel project will allow visitors to stay and enjoy the surrounding area, increasing business opportunities within the commercial core.

The design, architecture and building materials were developed to complement the eclectic and historical vibe of the community. After researching building materials used in the area and reviewing existing buildings in town and nearby, we are proposing a brick-style building that provides windows, natural lighting, and balconies where guests can enjoy the community surrounding them. The rooftop bar is designed to showcase the glorious sunsets looking west over the lake without blocking the view of the lake from the road or sidewalks. Common areas around the building will be used for games, picnicking, relaxing, beach activities, waterfront access, and entertainment.
The project will lessen environmental impact by installing Best Management Practices, complying with current energy codes, and promoting multi-modal connectivity. The project will be Wildland Urban Interface compliant and adhere to all fire requirements for building materials in State Responsibility Areas (SRA).

22 hotel rooms + 9 condo-tel suites
5,000 sf commercial space
2,700 sf of rooftop bar/coffee bar
2,500 sf hotel lounge and workspace rooftop bar
2,795 sf meeting/small event space
4,100 sf of public patios and walkways

The Kings Beach Community Vision Plan is part of Placer County’s Tahoe Basin Area Plan. It is the result of multiple meetings and a three-day public workshop held in June 2013. It was established in September 2013 by a vote of the Placer County Board of Supervisors. The goal of the vision plan is to establish a guiding document for the redevelopment of downtown Kings Beach..

Sixteen principle ideas addressing sense of place, connectivity and transportation, environmental gains, and economic vitality form the foundation of the plan. These principle ideas are further supported by a series of place-based illustrations to represent the potential that exists for creating a pedestrian-oriented, vibrant and sustainable community.

The Kings Beach Vision Plan is not a regulatory plan or a promise of specific improvements. Rather it is a collection of ideas that enables people to envision an alternate future that reflects the community’s desires. The Vision Plan serves as a high level road map the County may use when updating the North Tahoe East Community Plan.

TART Bus Stop stations are located less than a quarter mile from the project area with routes that provide public transportation for the North Lake Tahoe – Truckee Region.

If the current TBAP Amendments are passed, this project would retire up to 22 STR permits.