Kings Beach has definitely had its struggles and, despite the hard work of many locals, quite a few of the commercial core businesses are temporarily or permanently closed. The community has had no new lodging properties built in the Town Center in over 40-years and our revenue from Tourism Occupancy (hotel) and sales tax is significantly behind nearby lake communities.

In 2013, The Kings Beach Community Vision Plan, a prequel to Placer County Tahoe Basin Area Plan, was developed to establish a guiding document for the redevelopment of downtown Kings Beach. Sixteen principle ideas addressing sense of place, connectivity and transportation, environmental gains, and economic vitality form the foundation of the plan. These principle ideas are further supported by a series of place-based illustrations to represent the potential that exists for creating a pedestrian-oriented, vibrant and sustainable community.

Benefits of a great place graphicIt is now 2023 and the Kings Beach Vision Plan has had little forward-motion. KB Lodge is designed to be a scale-appropriate catalyst to the Kings Beach Community Vision Plan, being a mixed-use boutique hotel project in the commercial core. It embodies the components of a thriving community, creating a sense of place, connectivity, environmental gains, and economic vitality. The project utilizes design standards for mixed-use districts that build on the existing recreation theme with high-quality storefronts established to attract visitors and meet the needs of local residents.

The hotel project will allow visitors to stay in the downtown and enjoy walking to recreation, dining, and entertainment. Economic benefits include, but are not limited to, increasing sales tax revenue, increasing Hotel TOT revenue, increasing property values, jobs, and additional small business opportunities within the commercial core. It offers multi-use connectivity adjacent to the Kings Beach State Recreation Area including bike & walking paths, human-powered water park, beach-going, dining, toddler play area, possible entertainment stage, and more.